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With her platforms, LGBTQSUPPORT.COM and aTransLife Matters, Sara Fackelman, a licensed mental health therapist, Board Certified in Gender Therapy, is committed to providing specialized support services to the area’s LGBTQIA and significant transgender population. Extending across the Tampa/St. Petersburg TriCounty area, both locations offer a safe and enriching environment for LGBTQIA, transgender, gender questioning and/or gender variant individuals to receive professional and compassionate mental health counseling.

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Rainbow411.com and gshradio.com: A Great Partnership and A New Radio Show.

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“There’s No Place Like Home”

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Introductory Show  – Air Date:  July 2, 2014

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More about the show, There’s No Place Like Home . . .

Sara Fackelman, LMHC and Wesley Davis have paired together to create and co-host a new radio show, “There’s No Place Like Home” found through Rainbow411.com and heard exclusively on gshradio.com. Originally the brain-child of Sara Fackelman, who always had dreams of supporting the LGBTQ community by providing mental health counseling and supportive services, the show addresses the unique and fascinating dynamics of the LGBTQIA community from a licensed mental health counselor’s perspective.

Wesley Davis, a small business consultant and professional artist, was supportive of Sara’s endeavor from the inception having already worked with Sara helping her build the platform, aTransLife Matters.  Together, with Sara Fackelman as the On-Air Personality and professional licensed therapist and Wesley Davis joining as Program Director and Co-host, the two are committed to bringing viewership-driven topics and content that authentically represents our beloved LGBTQIA community.



June 2014 has been an exciting month for everyone working at aTransLife Matters.  Sara Fackelman and Wesley Davis have launched a new platform for equality,  education and awareness called LGBTQSupport.com . . .



AYP Gay and Lesbian Business Directory

In the 2014 AYP Print Edition, our ad highlights the specialized transgender and LGBTQ counseling services we offer . . .

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