Welcome to our Transgender Therapy and Support Group Page!

We are excited to announce that we now have two ongoing groups to help support the transgender community and their loved ones. Our therapy group for transgender individuals meets monthly in Tampa and a support group for our non-transgender loved ones meets monthly in St. Petersburg. Please read about each of meetings below…

Transgender Therapy Group

Sara Fackelman, LMHC – Board Certified in both Gender Therapy and Addictions Counseling is pleased to announce the upstart of a Transgender Therapy Group. We began in December 18, 2013 and are growing strong. We will be meeting in the evenings on the third Wednesday of every month. Please Join Us…

Next meeting:  March 18, 2015

Providing a space of safety and unconditional support for transgender individuals.

Welcome:  Open to both Ftm (female to male) and MtF (male to female) individuals.                                                                                    

Where:  MCC Tampa (Metropolitan Community Church) 408 East Cayuga St., Tampa, FL 33603

When:  Third Wednesday of every month from 7 – 9 pm.

Guided by a professional therapist with over twenty years of experience serving the Tampa Bay area, the objective of this therapy group is to provide a safe and caring space where members are given the opportunity to interact in a confidential setting to discuss concerns related to being transgender. Focusing on group member feedback and support, topics include “presenting” and learning how to relate to others as transgender. Through group interactions, members receive the opportunity to explore their own behavior patterns and learn new ways to positively interact with one another and society in general. Educational information and resources will also be available.  For transgender individuals and free of charge.

The Transitional Family: Spouses, Family and Friends of Our Transgender Community.

Next meeting: March 25, 2015

Providing a space of safety and unconditional support for non-transgender individuals.

Welcome: Open to non-transgender members who seek an environment of support.

Where: 3530 1st Ave N., Ste 117, St. Pete, FL 33713

When: Fourth Wednesday of every month from 7 – 9 pm.

A support group that helps spouses, families and friends gain a better understanding of their transgender loved ones. This space provides a safe atmosphere to receive education for the family and to freely ask questions. Group members also receive support and feedback from other attendees who are striving to better understand their loved ones gender transition.  Relevant topics that will be discussed include Gender Dysphoria, the transgender physical transformation (hormone replacement therapy and surgery), challenges to the family unit, societal attitudes, legal issues and more. Members will also explore how best to support those whom they love while also practicing positive self-care techniques. Periodically, our group will have invited transgender guests who are willing to answer questions in order to provide further insight to our group.  For Non-Transgender individuals and free of charge.

For more information about these groups, please contact Sara Fackelman, by email, sara@atranslifematters.com, or by phone (813) 716 – 4264.